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Home Remodeling Services San Jose


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Home Remodeling Services San Jose

You might be thinking of starting a new family, or you are tired of the out-dated look of your house, or maybe the space you have is not enough for your family anywhere. Whatever the reason, the plan is to transform your house into a home that you are comfortable and proud to live in.

If that is the case, PFB Constructions Home Remodeling Services can transform your ideas into reality and provide you with a living space that is contemporary and comfortable and defines your aesthetic in every way.

From changing the layout of your home to using extra space to create more living areas like adding a room or dividing bigger rooms into smaller ones, PFB general contractors, San Jose, offer customized solutions for your every need.

Services We Offer:

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is much more than just a place to ready food. Therefore, one of the most demanded remodeling and renovation spaces is the kitchen as it plays the centerpiece in your home.

If you are sick of small space that disturbs your work process or the out-dated look is not inspiring anymore, you can count on PFB Kitchen remodeling contractor San Jose to convert the space into your dream kitchen whether it is an open kitchen you want or a closed one with all the essentials that make its complete cooking space.

You can get your kitchen converted into a practical and stylish kitchen, whether you have your heart set at the contemporary, traditional, or rustic kitchen. From changing the layout to changing your tiles, sink, faucet, lighting, and cabinets design or material, we will give it a new touch with custom features.

Bathroom Remodeling

It a spacious bathroom or a powder room; it has to be well-equipped to make it relaxing appealing and, most of all, practical. Out-dated bathrooms are not only unappealing but also unhealthy as years on use, and moisture deposits welcome a fungus growth between titles and mold build-up. No to forget the damage water leakage can cause to the ceilings of rooms.

If you happen to experience any of these issues or just want to give a new look to your bathroom space or make it practical to use, PBF experienced team will turn your challenging space into a warm and welcoming area, whether it's a powder room or a spa-inspired master bath suit.

We will take care of everything from design to construction to installation of tiles, floors, lighting, and more to give you a space that truly defines you.

Home Additions

You are looking to enlarging your dining room or having a deck to have more entertaining space or want to have a nursery for the newest family member; a room’s addition can provide a comforting living space and more memories to enjoy.

With the PBF team, you can get more rooms added to your existing space by demolishing some area and then constructing new features to a room or adding a new room altogether. So, you want some extra space for your personal use or fully equipped living area of family use; we can do it all from sunroom to deck to mudroom additions to more. We also turn basements into a warm, bright, and livable space.

PFB Remodeling Procedure:

Planning And Inspection

The first step in the remodeling procedure is to inspect your remodeling site to measure the available space, consider possible designs, and plan out the whole remodeling design.

Our design experts do their best to utilize every corner of your area, making it useful for you and devising a plan to fit your budget and achieve your desired results.

Permission And Demolishing

Before we start our remodeling procedure, we request the client's permission on the final plan and provide them with detailed information on budget, materials to be used, and the quality of our equipment and our phase-wise process.

After they give us permission, we start demolishing and cleaning up the site. We demolish the existing structure and also remove the fittings to get an empty site ready for construction.

Installation And Construction

After smoothing out the site, we start constructing the new walls and flooring, installing all the requested appliances, fittings, and finally, painting and decorating the area to complete the remodeling of your home or any room of your home.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have a licensed experienced and competent team of designers, engineers, and laborers to deliver the best design and construction services and meet all your expectations.

  2. We offer the most affordable rates for home remodeling services in San Jose.

  3. We use quality materials that last for years to come.

  4. All our work is guaranteed as we have 8 years of hands-on experience in the residential construction field.

  5. We are licensed by government authorities with practices that meet all the international safety and construction standards.

Remodel Your Out-Dated House Into A Beautiful Contemporary Home

To get your home remodeled and add more value to your property, contact PFB Constructions to get a free consultation and remodel your house in your preferred budget.

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