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Home Renovation Services


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Home renovation means to give new life to your home, and that is exactly what we do hereat PFB Construction.

A renovation will boost your home's value, but only when it is well-planned and done right.

If you are looking for home renovation services in San Jose, contact PFB construction because we are your one-stop shop when it comes to updating or upgrading your home right and on time.

Home Renovation Services We Offer:

We are full-service general contractors in San Jose. At PFB construction, our services for Home Renovations in San Jose include:

Complete Home Renovations

Your house may need to introduce small or big updates throughout the house. If that is the case, you can rely on PFB Construction for our complete home renovations services. It is the exterior or interior of your house; our experts will do everything from installation of new tiles, wallpapers, coving cornices to repainting to finishing the woodwork in your house.

Our design team will inspect the house, list the damages, and all the changes to be made and will communicate what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced.

If you need expert professionals to handle the home renovations, contact PFB Constructions San Jose to renovate everything from fixing your staircases, window frames to setting wood panels in the staircase to installing new covings and decorative cornices on your ceiling because we cater to all your needs.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms usually get damaged more quickly than other parts of your house due to moisture and deposit of shampoos, soaps, etc. on the floor. With extensive use, the taps and showerheads also get rusted, discolored, or stop functioning properly.

To renovate your bathrooms, fix or replace the tiles, install any sanitary items and take care of the damaged walls, you can contact PFB Constructions to get the job done by experts while keeping in your budget.

Kitchen Renovation

A Kitchen is a happy place in every home but not when its walls start to look outdated due to oil and smoke deposits from cooking.  Also, the countertops or cabinets break down or get cracks or blisters appear in the wood resulting from years of use.

If that is the case, it is time to update your kitchen with some renovations. With our kitchen renovation service in San Jose, you can get your cabinets fixed and repainted in no time. It is repainting the kitchen wall, installing new countertops, or replacing the sink; you can count on our certified professionals to do the job efficiently.

Exterior Renovations

Your deck and patio provide a comfortable and relaxing corner for you and your guests, but with time, these spaces become worn out and damage the exterior look of your house.

If you are looking to renovate or update your pool area, patio, or want the garden and deck, we do it all. You can contact us anytime to renovate your entrance door, repaint fences and handrail, fix the garage door, and repair your house exterior, giving it a modern look.

PFB Renovation Process

Our home renovation process involves:

Free Consultation

We know the value of your hard-earned money. Therefore, we charge you only for the practical work we do. So, get a free consultation from our experts anytime you want and decide on the changes you want to bring in your house

Careful Planning

 A home renovation is nearly always a difficult task and requires careful planning. We inspect your home, list out the required changes, and then make a renovation plan after discussing it with you thoroughly. Our designers discuss every aspect with you and suggest options within the budget to devise a final renovation plan.

We Pay Attention To Details

We carry out all procedures professionally with complete documentation and reviews from clients and redo any job if the client wishes to. Our experienced designers, engineers, and laborers pay close attention to details, so you get a home that looks not only great but also feels comfortable to live in.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is all that matters to us. Therefore, we guarantee to deliver work with complete customer satisfaction with every update, installation, and implementation meant to make you happy.

Why Choose PFB Constructions?

  1. We are full-service general contractors in San Jose, having years on hand-on experience in residential construction, repair, and remodeling.

  2. We have an expert team of designers, engineers and workers to ensure the work is done to your satisfaction.

  3. We offer customized design and renovation solutions.

  4. We provide quality services at attractively affordable prices with no hidden costs.

  5. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer every query of yours.

Get Your Home Renovated

To give a new life to your home and make it comforting, contact PFB home renovation services in San Jose to get a quote now and get your house a makeover that will make it your dream home all over again.

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