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For maintaining your beautifully constructed dream house, timely repairs and inspection are necessary to ensure that no significant damage is done to your property. 


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PFB Construction Home Repair Services

We are a full-service home repair company with services including:

Roof and Ceiling Repair

Usually, the most neglected area is your house roof and ceiling; they don't receive attention until they are damaged entirely or start leaking. We offer exceptional roof repair and replacement services. Also, we fix ceiling covings, fascia, and soffit and reinstall any element if required.

Plumbing Repair

Any issues in your house plumbing can affect your routine, cause significant inconvenience and damage to the walls. To resolve any plumbing issues, get a competent plumber from PBF Contractors, and get your repairs done urgently and accurately.

Flooring and Tiles Repair

Damages in the flooring must be fixed in time, or they can injure your family members and visitors. We fix all flooring issues from broken wooden panels to loosen tiles and also offer repair services to replace them depending on the condition.

Kitchen Repairs

Whether it is your countertop that has broken down or cabinet doors, we do all kitchen repairs in San Jose to make your kitchen look perfect and seamless. 
You can get your oven or stove fitted faultlessly, responding to your kitchen wall and cabinets, and do swift repairs so you won’t have to wait long to use your kitchen again.

Electrical Repairs

From the distribution board to any wiring issue in your home, you can get help from our experienced technicians. 
Our electricians possess years of experience in all matters small and big and can handle all the electrical repairs and installation efficiently with competence.

Windows Repairs

If your window frames are worn out, or the screen has been damaged, or the windows don't operate smoothly, it is time to contact PBF Construction. 
We will fix all the issues quickly, so the damage or worn out windows do not affect your house appearance.

Carpentry Repair

We repair, polish, and refinish the old-looking woodwork in your house. We know how to remove blisters and smooth down the woodworks in the house interior and exterior, so you don't have to spend massively on getting new woodwork done.

Bathroom Repairs

We repair all issues in the bathroom, from fixing leaking shower head to filling holes in your drywall. We also provide services for bathroom fittings.
If your toilet flush is not working correctly or there is some blockage in the line, our handymen will fix all the issues making it work correctly in no time. 

Don't Wait For Repairs To Pile Up

You should not ignore any of the small issues and damages in your home; contact PBF Constructions to get your repairs done now with guaranteed workmanship. From bathroom and kitchen repair to professional decking and painting, we accommodate all your home improvement needs.

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