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Retrofitting Services San Jose

A beautiful Home Is Desirable, But A safe Home Is A Requirement.

Earthquakes take place suddenly without any warning. This surface motion is known as seismic activity and can damage a house, whether old or any construction built without following the seismic safety code. Even buildings with the toughest material can suffer severe damage as a result of an earthquake. To make your home safer, earthquake retrofitting is a must.

PFB Constructions offers a full range of seismic retrofitting services to San Jose residents. Earthquake retrofitting makes your home stand strong during an earthquake and does not allow the foundations to be misplaced. It makes your house less prone to structural damages.

According to California geological report 2015, California is at the risk of one or more magnitude 6.7 or bigger earthquakes within the next 30 years. The chances of such earthquakes are more than 99%.

Included in North California, San Jose is a higher risk area which calls for homes that are built in compliance with seismic building safety code and feature earthquake retrofitting (especially the ones built before 1980) to make the foundation of the house robust.

PFB Earthquake Retrofitting San Jose

PBF Construction offers expert earthquake retrofitting services in San Jose to make your home more secure by providing additional horizontal and vertically retrofits. You can have your house foundation built with retrofitting or can also get your house retrofitted after it is built.


Our competent and professionally trained team of engineers and workers carefully retrofit your home’s foundation, increasing its load-bearing capacity and proper distribution of vibrations so that any ground activity does minimum to no damage to your house structure.


It’s usually a pre-manufactured support system installed according to your existing foundation size, giving it extra strength. If the foundation is damaged due to past earthquakes, we repair the foundation before retrofitting to increase your safety during natural disasters to the maximum.

Why Is Retrofitting Essential?

You may have used the best quality material in your home construction with the best contractor in the town who used the accurate lumber and concrete and placed the studs and joints in the proper place, creating adequate load management. And now you think you don’t need to worry about earthquakes?

You are wrong; even the most durable homes get brutally damaged by cruel earthquakes regardless of the material quality and the proper load distribution of the foundation. The basement walls or buildings can collapse easily during an earthquake.

With earthquake retrofitting, you save yourself from massive damage by installing a support system to your foundation, increasing its stability and resistance to seismic activity. It is essential because

  • It reduces the chances of injury or even death during earthquakes as properly retrofitted houses are less prone to shaking and damage.

  • Retrofitting helps avoid or Reduce repair costs after a seismic event. Your house is the biggest investment you make in your lifetime, and severe earthquakes can easily make you pay hefty amounts of money on costly repairs. Retrofitting also financially protects you by decreasing earthquake insurance premiums.

  •  It makes sure you have a place to live after disastrous seismic activity events. 


Many people think that earthquake retrofitting is expensive when it is not. The costly repair and damage to life that you avoid with retrofitting is the best investment you can make to ensure your family stays safe inside your house.

Moreover, you can get a foundation bolting process done for a single-family home in a few thousand dollars within several days where you don’t even have to move out.

Why PFB Constructions For Earthquake Retrofitting In San Jose?

Retrofitting is a technical procedure and requires certified, experienced, and competent engineers and workers to implement. If not appropriately placed, your retrofitting will not stop damage during an earthquake and hurricane.

Seismic or earthquake retrofitting is more complex than regular retrofit. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing the right contractor.

Being the leading earthquake retrofitting company in San Jose:

  • We are licensed by government authorities and follow all the international earthquake retrofitting standards.

  • We provide all forms of retrofitting services, including cripple wall bracing, foundation bolting, reinforcement of bricks, the addition of new anchorage, and soft-story retrofits.

  • All the bolts, frames, and hardware used are of high quality, and no faulty component is installed.

  • Our frames are designed by certified engineers and tested for durability and strength before installation.

  • We provide free consultation for your foundation retrofitting and repair.

  • We use advanced and efficient retrofitting equipment and processes devised by engineers to provide the best result.

Make Your Home More Secure Against Earthquakes

Give your home extra strength and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones during natural hazards by retrofitting your homes by PBF General Contractors San Jose. For any queries and consultation, contact us for a free consultation.

Remodel Your Out-Dated House Into A Beautiful Contemporary Home

To get your home remodeled and add more value to your property, contact PFB Constructions to get a free consultation and remodel your house in your preferred budget.

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